How to Choose a Commercial Cleaner in Berkeley, CA

by superclean - June 3, 2019

Doing business in a clean, healthy environment provides better chances for success and less risk of sickness. A clean and tidy workspace makes a great impression, the importance of which mustn’t be overlooked. When you keep your offices in pristine condition, clients take notice and work with you more eagerly. Your employees’ morale reaches a high and their productivity peaks too. So, booking premium commercial cleaning in Berkeley, CA is an investment worth making.

But, who can you contact for the most exclusive commercial cleaning in your area? Learn how to pick a commercial cleaning company in Berkeley, CA that will always deliver top-notch service quality. By following a few simple steps, you’ll provide your office with the best possible upkeep.

What does a commercial cleaner do?

There are many services that a commercial cleaner can perform. Apart from one-time cleaning, you can opt for recurring services to be done daily, weekly or monthly. You should get in touch with a reliable cleaning company and discuss your needs and requests before you book the service.

Some of the responsibilities of a janitor may include:

  • Daily duties: vacuuming and mopping the floors, wiping surfaces with a damp cloth, clearing away garbage and emptying trash cans, cleaning and sanitizing the toilets, replacing toilet paper rolls and towels
  • Weekly duties: cleaning the windows and kitchen appliances
  • Monthly duties: high dusting

If you hire a dependable cleaning company to take care of your cleaning needs consistently and diligently, your business is bound to benefit. This way, your workplace will shine and clients will certainly be impressed!

What should I look for in a commercial cleaning business?

There are plenty of reasons why to hire a commercial cleaner. But what should your new cleaner be like? Here are several characteristics you should always check your potential cleaners for:

  • Are the cleaners insured and bonded? For a business owner, letting someone onto the company’s premises can be a sensitive issue. You want to be certain you’re only working with first-rate cleaners, who’ll handle your property with due care and respect.
  • Are they interviewed and tested? You shouldn’t settle for less than the most qualified and well-trained professionals.
  • Do they have great records? Find out what reputation your chosen cleaning company holds. Do your online research and check out the reviews from previous clients.
  • Do they give a satisfaction guarantee? If cleaners are willing to guarantee your happiness, it means they’re confident about their skills and have had many satisfied clients before.
  • Do they charge after the service? This offers yet another degree of safety to the client.
  • Do they come fully-equipped? Look for a cleaning company that sends out cleaners fully equipped, with cleaning cloths, mops and detergents.

You might also want to check for additional details, such as whether they use eco-friendly cleaning products adhering to the Environmental Protection Agency recommendations. If cost is a factor you’d like to consider, enquire about it as well.

Get the best commercial cleaning experience in Berkeley, CA

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