Walnut Creek Cleaning Services

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Walnut Creek, California, is just outside of Oakland, making it a great choice to escape the city for a day and get back to nature. Offering the charm of a hometown, the vibrancy of a small city, and the access to an adventure in nature, Walnut Creek is something to experience. 

As a homeowner in the community, you probably love living and working in the Walnut Creek community for multiple reasons. And in your free time, you like to eat, travel, and experience new things — at least when your free time isn’t taken up by cleaning tasks. 

It’s time to get your free time back and let the Walnut Creek cleaning services of SuperClean 360 come to the rescue. With our services, you can use your free time to the fullest and get the lean and sanitized home that you deserve. 


Walnut Creek cleaning services

House Cleaning Services in Walnut Creek

Making sure your home is regularly cleaned can be difficult, but not if Super Clean 360 is here to help. We can provide house cleaning services that are affordable and created with your home in mind. 

From simple tasks to large ones, we can give you a comprehensive service so that you don’t have to work with multiple companies to get what you want. Some of the main cleaning tasks we complete for our clients include:

  • Vacuuming carpets and mopping floors
  • Wiping down countertops
  • Cleaning the kitchen stovetop, cabinets, microwave, and fixtures
  • Dusting furniture and hard surfaces
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Wiping down and clean toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, and other bathroom surfaces
  • Vacuuming upholstery and removing pet hair
  • Removing cobwebs and dusting baseboards, molding, and railings

If there’s ever outside items you want completed outside of the service, such as appliance cleaning or organizing, we’re able to provide those too — just ask!

Deep House Cleaning Services

If you don’t think you need a regular house cleaning service, that’s understandable. But what about after events, before guests come, and after a really pollen-heavy spring season? 

Our one-time deep cleaning services can help fight the dirt and grime that has accumulated in your home after a long period. Our services can refresh and revitalize it, allowing you to start over refreshed and not having to worry about completing the task yourself. 

Move in Move Out Cleaning Services

How great would it be if all of your moving cleaning needs were taken care of? You didn’t have to clean the windows, scrub the bathrooms, or mop the floors. We can make that a reality for you with our detailed move out cleaning service. 

With our moving services, you can focus on completing other important tasks like moving over utilities and closing out accounts. You’ll also be able to get your security deposit back easier because professionals will have cleaned the place that you rented. 

For your new home, we can provide a clean and safe environment by getting rid of any dirt or debris left behind by others. This will make you feel more at home from the very first time you walk in. 


Disinfection Service

Here at Super Clean 360, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and certified disinfection services capable of fitting even the nastiest germs and bacteria. Our staff is trained and certified in all areas of cleaning, so you always have an expert performing your disinfection service. 

Using high-quality equipment and EPA-approved cleaning solutions, we blast thigh tough germs and bacteria and leave your home spotless. No matter what you bring in from the outside world, it won’t stand a chance against our service. 

New Construction House Cleaning in Walnut Creek 

Having a brand new home that is all your own is super exciting! However, the cleaning part is not. Did you know it’s common for contractors to leave behind all sorts of messes after completing a service, and you’re left to handle it yourself?

Let our cleaning professionals come and clean up those problems for you. We’ll bring all the equipment and supplies needed to clean your new home from ceiling to floor and ensure it’s spotless for you to start your new life in. 

Airbnb Cleaning Service

Do you own and operate an Airbnb in the Walnut Creek community? We have a cleaning service to help small businesses like yours as well. 

Our Airbnb cleaning service can clean and disinfect your home away from home on the deepest level possible. We’ll help you make first impressions that last with your customers and have them giving you the highest reviews on cleanliness and organization. 

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If you’re ready to work with Walnut Creek cleaning services that are affordable and can get whatever cleaning job you need to be done, then book your first service with Super Clean 360 today! 

With our expert cleaners on your side, you’ll see exactly why working with Super Clean 360 is worth every penny.