4 Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service

by superclean - September 14, 2021

A study published a few years back by researchers from Harvard Business School and the University of British Columbia found that investing your finances in ways that create more free time in your life make you happier:

“People who hire a housecleaner or pay the kid next door to mow the lawn might feel like they’re being lazy,” said study lead author Ashley Whillans, assistant professor at Harvard Business School who researched a Ph.D. candidate in the UBC department of psychology. “But our results suggest that buying time has similar benefits for happiness as having more money.”

When you come home after a long day of work or finally get some free time on the weekends, what is the best use of your time? Do you need to spend more time on chores or would you rather do things you enjoy? Maybe you’ve been considering getting help, but just don’t want to spend the money? Here are some great benefits of hiring a house cleaning service.

hiring a cleaning service

1. Hiring House Cleaning Services Saves You Time

A new study published this past March showed that Americans spend even more time cleaning their home now that we live in a world with COVID-19. Before the pandemic, Americans spent on average around five and half hours a week cleaning their space. But now, most people are adding three hours or more to their cleaning responsibilities. Today, most Americans are taking at least eight hours a week just to clean their home, the equivalent of one day’s work.

Hiring a cleaning service can take back those extra eight hours and allow you to spend that time doing something you might be a little more interested in–hiking, playing with your kids, taking your dog to the lake for the day, or simply resting after a long week of work.

2. Hiring Home Cleaning Services Gives You Time for the Chores You Want To Do

A household cleaning list, like Care.com’s ultimate household chore list, can seem quite overwhelming for the average American. In a survey shared on Angie’s List, ninety-three percent of people indicated that they would prefer to do anything else besides spending time cleaning their homes. Most people would rather spend their time doing something they enjoy. Instead of cleaning the shower, consider a chore you might like–hanging pictures, tending to your plants, organizing closets, or building shelves for your living room. At that point, some household chores don’t even sound like household chores. They’re tasks you’re excited to do, and you’re happy to do them. When you hire a home cleaning service, you are choosing to let someone else do the work that you don’t enjoy, so that you can do the work you appreciate.

3. Hiring House Cleaning Services Means You Can Save Money

In an Insider article, Anna Baluche explains how she and her husband realized why it was more cost-effective to hire a home cleaning service, “Lost time means lost dollars, so to me and my husband, a cleaning service is well worth the money. I figured out how much I earn on average per hour from writing and realized that it makes financial sense for me to pay $80 a month to have my entire house deep cleaned rather than lose a few hours of writing time.”

Not only do you save time which saves you money, but you also stop spending money on cleaning products. You might keep a few products and cleaning tools around, but for the most part, money spent on sprays, cleaning cloths, dusters and expensive vacuums is now money that you can save.

4. Hiring a Cleaning Service Means Every Surface of Your Home is Cleaned

While we would all like to think that we regularly clean our home, sometimes, it is just easier to skip wiping down the shower walls or mopping the kitchen floors. With certain types of regular cleaning responsibilities, if you continue to skip them, things like mold build-up or staining can make the cleaning project an even bigger chore. Life gets busy, and keeping up with all of the detailed cleaning of a home sometimes gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

When you hire a house cleaning service, you can feel secure that your entire home is getting cleaned regularly–nothing is skipped over or missed. Why not hand over your cleaning list to someone else who does this for a living and can get the job done meticulously and timely, giving you peace of mind.

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