Do you Know the Surprising Ways Hiring a Cleaning Service Saves You Money?

by superclean - November 16, 2021

Would you love to have your space cleaned regularly but feel worried it’s going to break your budget? Most people think that they save money cleaning their home, but the surprising truth is that you can actually save money by hiring a cleaning service. Imagine regularly walking into your home fully cleaned, and you didn’t have to lift a finger. Now imagine if that expense could pay for itself.

You might be thinking, how can paying for a cleaning service actually reduce my spending? Below we’ll show you how choosing the right cleaning company can actually save you money.

hiring a cleaning service

Consider the Cost of Hiring a Cleaning Service

To begin the process of hiring professional cleaners, you’ll need to do some research on the cost of a cleaning session for your specific home. In order to come up with a reasonable budget, you need to consider these factors:

  • The size of your home
  • The number of rooms
  • The types of services you are looking for
  • What part of the country you live in

There are many tools online like that can help you estimate the going rate for professional house cleaning services in your area. Once you have a general idea of how much it will cost to clean your home, you have the bottom line on what it will take to actually confirm the financial benefits of hiring a cleaning service.

Consider the Cost of Your Time

One of the simplest ways to look at how to save money from hiring a cleaning service is to consider your own hourly work rate. Unless you have worked in the cleaning industry, you’re probably going to be much slower at cleaning your home or business than professional house cleaning services. What could take you three or four hours to clean, will probably take professionals half the time. 

When you look at your billable hours compared to their billable hours, it is more than likely that they are going to cost a lot less, get it done faster, and probably have a cleaner finished product than what you might bring to the table. If that’s the case, why not use your time more efficiently to your own benefit?

Your time is valuable. So even as we continue to show you how you can save money, consider that more importantly, you are saving your time. Imagine taking those three or four hours you would spend cleaning, and using them to spend time with friends and family, getting in a few more hours of work, or taking time to do some of your favorite hobbies.

Consider Saving Money on Cleaning Products

Have you ever considered how much of your household budget is spent on cleaning products? Most quality products can be expensive, especially when you purchase safe, environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies. 

One of the benefits of hiring a cleaning service is that they bring their own cleaning supplies and know how to use the right amount of product for every surface. When you clean, you might end up going through your cleaning products much faster than a professional.

It is estimated that an average-sized family can spend between $40-$50 a month on cleaning supplies. When you subtract that monthly amount from your cleaning service, you can begin to see how cost-effective hiring a cleaning service can be for your money and time.

You Can Save Money with an Insured, Bonded Cleaning Company

When comparing cleaning companies, you want to make sure that the professionals are bonded and insured. While many independent cleaners may have lower up-front costs,  without insurance, you are taking a big risk with your home, the items in your home, and the cleaning professional if there is an injury.

Without bonded and insured professionals, anything broken in your home is financially your responsibility. Consider someone accidentally using the wrong product on your hardwood floors and creating damage. Who becomes responsible for paying for someone to come re-do your hardwoods? 

It is always a possibility that something could get broken or that a worker might get hurt while cleaning your space. Have financial peace of mind with a cleaning company that is bonded and insured. You will not be responsible for these kinds of financial liabilities, and that saves you from financial risk in the long run.

Save Your Time for the Things that You Love to Do

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that men spend around twenty-five minutes a day on house cleaning, while women spend almost two and a half hours a day on keeping a clean home. Instead of cleaning, save your time for the things that you love to do. 

When you bring in a professional to do weekly house cleaning or even deep house cleaning services every few months, you are giving yourself and your family that much more time to enjoy living. 

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