Is it better to hire a Cleaning Services Company or an independent cleaner?

by superclean - November 22, 2021

Is taking care of all the details of life getting overwhelming? Would it help you to have someone else keep your home clean? When you have your own full schedule and a busy family you probably feel like there isn’t enough time in your day to get to everything required of you.

It’s probably time to find someone to help you keep up your home. While anyone can clean your floors or dust your shelves, no one can take your place in your job or as a parent or partner. So, hand over those things that anyone can do, so that you can do the things that only you can do.

Since you know you need help, the next big decision is to figure out what kind of help you need. When starting to look for house cleaning services, you’ll need to consider a few key factors to find the right fit for your needs. The first decision you will need to make is whether to hire an independent cleaner or a cleaning services company. Let’s look at some key factors as you decide.

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Make Sure You Get Deep House Cleaning Services

There is a big difference between cleaning your home and sanitizing it. While you may be part of the process of getting your home clean–picking up clutter, putting away paperwork, and organizing items before a cleaner comes into your home–it is important that your weekly house cleaning involves sanitizing your space.

There are many great cleaning products out there, but you want to make sure that if someone is wiping down your counters, doorknobs, or other high-touch surfaces, they are using products that will disinfect your home. Professional cleaners are highly-trained professionals who know how to not only help you clean your home, but also the best products and procedures for making sure that your home is disinfected once they are done. 

A great cleaning services company will even have environmentally friendly cleaning products to sanitize your home to keep you safe from germs and harsh chemicals. Professional house cleaning services are trained to be thorough and efficient, and they will clean every room using the correct tools leaving your home sanitized and clean in record time.

An independent cleaner may not have learned these skills, and it can be difficult to discern if they have the level of training that a professional house cleaning services company provides.

Make Sure Your Cleaning Service Works around Your Availability 

You are hiring a cleaning service because you really need help. Make sure that help works around your schedule. With an independent cleaner, you probably won’t be able to tell them exactly when you want your home cleaned.

With professional house cleaning services, you are able to pick the exact time and day that work for you and your family. 

With an independent cleaner, you are always taking a chance that if they get sick, you will have to miss your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning due to scheduling constraints. With larger businesses, there are usually many teams that can step in if your usual cleaning team isn’t able to make it at your preferred time. 

Most larger cleaning companies also send a crew that can clean your entire house in a very short amount of time, sometimes even less than an hour. This gives you more time in your home. Another great option with professional house cleaning services is that you can schedule them outside of your regular cleaning routine–maybe you are hosting a party, or having company come into town. It is incredibly easy to add in an additional cleaning convenient to your schedule with a cleaning services company.

Make Sure You are Comfortable with Liability and Insurance Policies

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a cleaning services company is that most are bonded and insured, meaning you will not carry any financial responsibility if something goes wrong.

With these types of policies in place, the company will cover any employee injuries, damage to your home, or items that may accidentally get broken during the cleaning process. The company is responsible for workers’ compensation in the event of a major injury as well as any medical bills incurred. 

With an independent cleaner, you are responsible for any injuries they may incur while cleaning your home, as well as any accidental damage to the finishes in your house. It is a huge risk to have someone in your home on a weekly basis without the backing of a larger company’s guaranteed insurance.

A Cleaning Services Company that Caters to You 

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