What holiday cleaning tips can help prepare your home for a stress-free celebration? 

by superclean - December 11, 2021

Whether you love or hate the winter holidays, there is one undisputed truth about the “most wonderful time of year.” It’s busy. While fun, activities such as buying and wrapping presents, attending holiday parties, and entertaining houseguests can also be stressful. 

Regardless of whether your holiday plans consist of a quiet dinner with your immediate family, a large gathering, or even a weeklong visit by your closest second cousin once removed, one of the best ways to start your holiday season on the right foot is with a tidy, organized home. 

Truthfully, holiday cleaning begins well before the actual season. If you’ve been keeping up with weekly house cleaning, or use professional house cleaning services, preparing for the holidays shouldn’t be a massive undertaking. 

Read on for some holiday cleaning tips that will ensure a smooth start to the holiday season! 

holiday cleaning tips

Start with a plan

Whatever you do, DON’T procrastinate. Give yourself at least ten days to accomplish everything on your list. This will prevent you from feeling overburdened and exhausted by the time the holidays arrive. Create a holiday cleaning checklist schedule for yourself and your family and put it in a place where everyone can see it. Be sure to get your entire household on board. Older children and teens can get involved in the planning and even take on some of the tasks! 

Here is a list of tasks, broken down by room. You can use these holiday cleaning tips as a template and modify them as needed so it fits into your family’s schedule. 

Banish the clutter 

Before commencing the actual cleaning and sanitizing, get rid of everything you no longer need or want. That includes those threadbare sweaters, the toys your children no longer play with, and the extraneous bits and bobs in the junk drawer. Don’t neglect the storage areas of your bathroom cabinets. That ibuprofen that expired five years ago? Toss it.

Make three piles – keep, donate, and throw away. Banishing everything you don’t want will provide you with a cleaner slate to vacuum, dust, and sanitize. 

Tackle neglected spots you may have missed with routine cleanings

  •       Vacuum any dust bunnies that may be lurking under sofas and bookcases
  •       Remove all objects from every surface to dust underneath
  •       Tackle floor scuffs and carpet stains. 
  •       Dust baseboards with a damp cloth
  •       Wipe down blinds and interior shutters 

The bathrooms 

  •       Clean shower doors and bathtubs
  •       Sanitize all surfaces, including sinks and counters
  •       Use a brush and toilet cleaner to clean the bowl
  •       Mop the floor
  •       Polish the mirrors to remove streaks or water spots

The kitchen

  •       Clear your refrigerator of any old food and wipe down the entire interior 
  •       Sanitize all surfaces including sinks and counters 
  •       Wipe down the inside of the microwave
  •       Use a manufacturer recommended cooktop cleaner on your stove 
  •       Clean the front of your refrigerator 
  •       Remove any grease that has accumulated on the outside of your cabinets and polish off splattered food
  •       Banish icky smells from the disposal by spraying bleach down the drain and then grinding up a lemon peel 

Living room and entryway

  •       Dust and sanitize all surfaces
  •       Fluff pillows 
  •       Vacuum and mop the floors
  •       Remove stray shoes and other extraneous items that crowd your entry

Finishing touches 

Once you’ve completed the main cleaning tasks, it’s time to get your home guest-ready. As you look around, think about what would make you most comfortable as an overnight guest in someone else’s home. Then approach these preparations as though you are the proprietor of a bed and breakfast. 

Begin with your entryway. Clear space in your coat closet so guests don’t have to cram their outerwear into a crowded space. If you have a no-shoes policy in your home, designate a spot where guests can put them upon entry. 

In the guest rooms, clear closet and drawer space so your visitors can unpack their clothes, rather than rummaging through their suitcases every time they need a garment. Put fresh linens on the beds and stock the nightstand with magazines that guests can peruse before falling asleep and a white noise machine to ensure they wake up refreshed. 

Hang fresh towels in the guest bathroom. Consider purchasing new toiletries, or use those unopened luxurious, mini hotel toiletries that you brought home from your last vacation. 

Lastly, inventory your supplies. Be sure your home is well-stocked with toilet paper, dish and laundry detergent, and kitchen staples.

Once you’ve completed these tasks, you’ll be ready to take on the holidays and experience all the joy (and chaos) the season brings! 

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