Berkeley Cleaning Services

As one of the most socially liberal cities in the United States, Berkeley, California, is always alive. Whether there be a huge event happening on campus at the University of California, Berkeley, a music festival happening downtown, or a local eatery hosting a social hour, Berkeley is an accepting and warm place to live or work. 

As part of the local community, Super Clean 360 had experienced this vibrancy first hand, which is why we created our Berkeley cleaning services with community members like you in mind. 

You shouldn’t be staying after hours to restock supplies or mop the floors. You shouldn’t have to give up your Sunday off to deep clean your home for the party you’re hosting next week. Instead, you should be out exploring Berkeley, meeting new people, trying new foods (because everyone knows how good the local shops are in Berkeley). 

With our Berkeley cleaning services, you can take your time back, one cleaning service at a time. 


Berkeley cleaning services

Efficient Cleaning Services

Think of all the people you serve in a day at your local business in Berkeley. You have a large group of customers, from college students to young working adults to older, local groups. You have to be fast on your feet and aware of what you’re doing to make them happy and want to come back. 

With an efficient cleaning service like us by your side, we can take the stress of cleaning needs off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on more important things. All of our cleaning plans are personalized to your business, so even if we work with someone else down the street, their cleaning plan will be nothing like yours.

You are always able to build and take away services from your plan. We do our best to provide you with multiple options that allow you to meet your cleaning goals but also not break the bank. 

Some of the basic services we provide in our cleaning plans include: 

  • Dusting
  • Window Cleaning
  • Waste Removal
  • Floorcare
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Day Porter Services

We serve a variety of industries thanks to our dedication to staying on top of cleaning rules, regulations, and procedures. We even clean medical labs and hospitals and leave them spotless and ready to promote health and wellness at every turn. 


Trustworthy House Cleaning Services in Berkeley

Your house is important to you. Not only because it’s your sanctuary but because it shows others in Berkeley something new about you. Whether you’re home alone or hosting people, you want your space to be neat and tidy, to promote a sense of balance and security. 

Our house cleaning services do that and so much more. We get down to the nitty-gritty in your home and scrub the areas that haven’t been touched in months, maybe even years. We’re trained in the delicacy of watching fragile items while also leaving every surface spotless.

We complete tasks such as:

  • Vacuuming carpets and mopping floors
  • Wiping down countertops
  • Cleaning the kitchen stovetop, cabinets, microwave, and fixtures
  • Dusting furniture and hard surfaces
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Wiping down and clean toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, and other bathroom surfaces
  • Vacuuming upholstery and removing pet hair
  • Removing cobwebs and dusting baseboards, molding, and railings

You have the ability to add on extra deep cleaning services such as cleaning appliances or moving them to clean under them. We can also disinfect your home from top to bottom for an extra add-on fee as well, which is something many homeowners would love in the wake of COVID-19. 

We also offer Berkeley move in and move out cleaning services to help with any kind of moving you’re doing; our cleaning services help you secure your security deposit and then move right into your new, clean home. 

Comprehensive Disinfection Services

Our disinfection service in Berkeley has been curated and updated to avoid any chance of cross-contamination and provide the highest level of cleanliness to all of our customers. Through our process, we’re able to provide a clean environment you can both see and feel. 

Some of the main parts of our process that our clients love is the daily health checks we do on all members of our staff. We also require our staff to practice social distancing both at work and at home. 

Each staff member wears gloves, masks, and personal protective gear to avoid putting more germs back into a newly clean area. Better yet, all of our cleaning solutions are EPA-approved and safe to the touch, so after our service, you can resume your daily routine. 

We wipe down and sanitize all surfaces, such as:

  • Tables and desks
  • Bathroom surfaces
  • Door knobs and cabinet pulls
  • Light switches
  • Remotes, keyboards, and computers
  • Phones
  • Hard-backed chairs
  • Kitchen appliances, countertops, sinks, and faucets
  • Microwave panels and handles

Germs and viruses don’t stand a chance with us protecting your home or office. 

The Super Clean 360 Difference

We could go on and on about how our service is consistently customer-centric, and our staff members are dedicated to your service. However, the best way for you to see the Super Clean 360 difference is through our customer reviews

Our clients love working with us because we not only know what we’re doing, but we make them an integral part of the process. Nothing happens without your approval, and we’ve kept that pattern since day one. 

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If you’re ready to hire Berkeley cleaning services that fit your budget, exceed your expectations, stay consistent, and give you your time back, then look no further than the services offered by Super Clean 360. Reach out and book with us today. We can’t wait to help you achieve all of your cleaning goals.